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Nedis USB Type-C Adapter Cable | Type-C Male - VGA Female | 0.2 m | White, CCGP64851WT02
Nedis USB Type-C Adapter Cable | Type-C Male - VGA Female | 0.2 m | White, CCGP64851WT02

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HQ Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Rowenta RB - RS, W7-51650/HQN
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HQ Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Rowenta RB - RS, W7-51650/HQN

10A25H99 | 550488747


The price includes 25% Danish VAT

Delivery time: 4-8 workdays.

Replacement for: Rowenta RB - RS Package contents: • 4x dustbag • 1x micro filter

Number of dust bags4
Compatible with vacuum cleanerAFK BS 1500.1
AFK PS 1300
Alaska (Metro) BS 1404 E
Alfatec AC 96
Alfatec AC 97
Alfatec AC 98E
Bauknecht CE 1200
Bauknecht SB 760
Beam BS 1500
Beam BS 1600
Calor 4609...4612 FilterPlus
Calor 4613 Opus
Calor 4615 FilterPlus
Calor 4616 FilterPlus
Calor 4617 Opus
Calor 4619 Opus
Calor 4620 FilterPlus
Calor 4624 Opus
Calor 4626 FilterPlus
Calor 4627 FilterPlus
Calor 4645 FilterPlus
Calor 4646 FilterPlus
Calor 4650 FilterPlus
Calor 4655 FilterPlus
Calor 4656 FilterPlus
Carrefour Spirea
Chromex Gasby (CH74)
Curtiss 3100R
De Sina BSS 1300e Compact
De Sina VW 110
De'Longhi Radel 1200
De'Longhi Radel 1300E
De'Longhi Radel 1400E
De'Longhi XT 1200 FloorLine
De'Longhi XT 1300E FloorLine
De'Longhi XTC 12 Compacto
De'Longhi XTC 13E Compacto, XTC,
De'Longhi XTC 14PC Compacto
De'Longhi XTC 15E Compacto
De'Longhi XTC 15E Radel
De'Longhi XTCA 170ET Sun
De'Longhi XTCA 170ET.1 Sun
De'Longhi XTCA 180HE Sun
De'Longhi XTCA 180HE.1 Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 130 Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 140 Turbo Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 140E Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 143E Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 150E Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 155E Sun
De'Longhi XTCN 160E Sun
De'Longhi XTCN Darel
De'Longhi XTE 1200E FloorLine
De'Longhi XTE 1300E FloorLine
De'Longhi XTL 135 Maximum
De'Longhi XTL 140E Maximum
De'Longhi XTL 140E3 Maximum
De'Longhi XTL 145E Maximum
De'Longhi XTL 150E Maximum
De'Longhi XTL 150EX3
De'Longhi XTR 1300 FloorLine
Elettrodelta Lupo Duo System
Elettrodelta Puma
Elexavox Vox'air
Elin STB 4000
Emer CP 4010e Compact Aliseo
Emer CP 4020 Duo System Compact Aliseo
Emer CP 4020/E/EH Compact Aliseo
Emer CP Scirocco
Eup 100A
Eup 100AE
Eup 100AH
Eup 100AS
Express 4100
Express 4200
Fakir Diamant Edition
Fakir Diplomat
Fakir Prestige Editions
Fakir Steel Line/70
Fakir Trendline
Fakir A 110el A-Klasse
Fakir A 120el A-Klasse
Fakir A 120el C-Klasse
Fakir A 150el C-Klasse
Fakir A 180 Turbo el C-Klasse
Fakir A 180el C-Klasse
Fakir IC 116
Fakir Original 2401805
Fakir Original 2405805
Fakir S 200...250 S-Klasse
Fakir S 300 S-Klasse
Fakir SC 400...450
Famulus Master
First Line AT 4100.5 Spirea
First Line AT 4101.5 Spirea
Goblin 430 Whisper
Goblin 430.21 Aurora
Goblin 430.11 Aurora
Goblin 430.31 Aurora
Goblin 430.41 Aurora
Goblin E 1400 Whisper
Hanseatic 315.048
Hoover 1300S
Hoover 1400S
Hoover SC 256 Gemini
Hoover SC 258 Gemini
Juro Pro 2000
Juro Pro 2100/D
Juro Pro Porky Due
Juro Pro Turbo
Kenwood KS 2000
Kenwood KS 2100
Kenwood KS 2200
Kenwood VC 3100
König 1200 Cobra
König 1250el Cobra
König 1280tel Cobra
Lloyds 194/808
Lloyds 865/478
Nova VA 200
Nova VA 210
Nova VA 300
Nova VA 310
Nova VA 320
Progress ST 1128 Gabbiano
Rowenta Allergo
Rowenta DymboPlus
Rowenta Soam
Rowenta Super 1000
Rowenta Swingo
Rowenta Vac'nPolish
Rowenta Original ZR76
Rowenta RB 01...33
Rowenta RB 111
Rowenta RB 318
Rowenta RO 100...112 Kingo
Rowenta RS 05
Rowenta RS 09
Rowenta RS 100...599
Rowenta RS 12
Rowenta RS 148...166 Swing
Rowenta RS 170 Ambia
Rowenta RS 180 Ambia
Rowenta RS 218...235 Optimo
Rowenta RS 218...235 Premio
Rowenta RS 240 Premio
Rowenta RS 250...280 Presty
Rowenta RS 300...462 Synthese
Rowenta RS 370...385
Rowenta RS 370...385 Synergy
Rowenta RS 420...462 Spirea
Rowenta RS 485 Synergy
Rowenta RS 500...599 Extrem
Rowenta TB 01
Rowenta TB 02
Rowenta TB 05
Rowenta TB Super 1000
Rowenta ZR 76
Rowenta ZR 760
Rowenta ZR 765
Samsung VC 3100
Sideme/Sidex RV 3100R
Sideme/Sidex T 3100
SMC Jubilee 1200
Sunbeam SV 071
Sunbeam SV 076
Super Calor AS E14
Super Calor AS L16
Tefal 4610...4612 Compact
Tefal 4614...4616 Compact
Tefal 4620 Compact
Tefal FilterPlus Luxe 4640Tefal TCM 05 610
Tefal TCM 59 291
Tefal TCM 68 579
Tip Top BSC 1200
Uralux U 1242
Vetrella Minimax 1000
Vetrella Minimax 1100
Vetrella VLX 257 Compact
Vetrella VTC 12 Mistral
Vetrella VTC 13E Mistral
Wilfa PB 1000
Wilfa PB 810
Wilfa VC 3100R
Number of microfilters1

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